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3 Modern Digital Marketing Trends You Should Learn In 2022

The digital marketing course is evolving rapidly, with new trends popping up almost daily. Most of these trends only last about six months before being replaced by the next big trend. But there are some that are here to stay- either because they're popular, effective, or both. Here are three modern digital marketing trends you should be aware of if you want to succeed in this highly competitive industry.


Chatbots are the latest in customer service technology. They're designed to give your customers a way to interact with your business 24/7 and will only get smarter as they learn more about your business. A chatbot can answer questions like "What size shoe do you have?" or "Do you deliver?" and also connect customers with other company departments like finance or customer service. If your company offers a subscription-based model, chatbots are especially helpful because they have a better chance of engaging new clients - and best of all, chatbots cost less than hiring human customer service reps! The Digital Marketing Institute (AWS) offers an excellent course to learn about this modern technology in the best digital marketing course.

2. AI

More and more top digital marketing relies on artificial intelligence to gain a competitive edge. If your company is already embracing AI technology, here are a few ways AI can help with your marketing goals: 1) Performing big (SEO/ PPC) data analysis in seconds instead of hours or days2) Building personalized messages that resonate based on individual customers' interests and buying habits.3) Creating comprehensive marketing literature by analyzing various websites without having to manually do all the research yourself

3. AR

Augmented reality, or AR, is a technology that allows images and sounds from the real world to be digitally augmented. Imagine walking through Times Square in New York City and seeing people not through your phone's camera, but through augmented projections that give the impression of virtual screens being projected onto the buildings around you. This technology immerses viewers in a completely different environment, as if they were standing there themselves - resulting in more engaging and interesting experiences for both businesses and consumers alike. To learn these modern trends technology, there are many solid digital marketing courses in Delhi Shahdara like AWS- that offer professional digital marketing courses. You can enroll yourself in the course of your choice, such as the Digital Marketing Training, even if you have no prior experience with digital marketing.